Years We've Been Growing


The mission of the Badger Prairie Community Garden is to cultivate the spirit of community and enhance quality of life by creating and sustaining organic gardens of vegetables, flowers, plants, and herbs.

Plots being grown in

“Can’t believe how much food I was able to grow for my family!”

“I’ve met so many great people and learned so much about gardening”

“Love seeing how everyone gardens a little bit differently. So many creative people here.”

“They even keep bees on site, which I think is so cool”

“Carrots grown in dirt are delicious! My kids are finally eating vegetables”

“Having access to an organic garden in my own backyard is a dream come true”

Gardening Topic spotlight

Composting 101


Prepare your garden scraps for composting by cutting them into pieces rougly the size of your hand. This will dramatacily reduce the time it takes your compost to be ready for use


Along with adding your fresh "green" material, it is important to add some "brown" material to your compost pile. This can be a shovel full of last year's compost. 


It is just as improtant to compost at home as it is to work on composting at the garden. Set up a container to keep all of your organic scraps in and create a composting area in your yard. Your plants will thank you for it. 

Do You Have Any Questions?

We have answers!

I want to join the garden, where can i sign up?

Head on over to our registration page to find links to the registration documents as well as contact information


Are there rules for the garden?

Yes there are. In order to make sure all members have a good experience here at the garden, we ask that everyone be a good neighbor and consult our guidlines page for do’s and don’t here at our garden.

Rules for the garden

Is this garden organic?

Yes it is! Please help us keep it this way and only use organic fertilizers and insecticides here at the garden. 

Where can I find information about events?

We publish event information across our social channels and through email. We also have a calendar of events on our website, just click the link below.

How can i share photos of my garden?

Photos of your plot’s progress thoughout the year is something we would love for you to share. The easiest way to share photos is by tagging them in instagram with the hashtag


Your pictures will automatically show up on our main homepage for everyone to see! How cool is that?

You are also welcome to email photos to 

How else can i get involved with the garden?

There are many ways to get involved here at the garden. The Garden is in constant need of maintenance. We have opportunities for restoration work, mowing, path weeding and other projects. 

Contact us at

Badger Prairie Community Garden

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2585 Old County PB,
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PO Box 930193
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