All About Badger Prairie Community Garden

Our garden is managed and maintained by gardener volunteers,
we need your support and involvement to “GROW” our garden!

Mission Statement

GardenSignThe mission of the Badger Prairie Community Garden is to cultivate the spirit of community and enhance quality of life by creating and sustaining organic gardens of vegetables, flowers, plants, and herbs. The gardens will foster environmental sustainability and stewardship, advance horticultural and nutritional education, provide a beautiful and natural retreat, and produce a healthy supplemental food source for its gardeners and the hungry. Local groups, schools, families, and individuals will be able to reserve plots for a sliding scale fee at the garden allowing people of all ages and abilities a part in the farm to table movement. Whether involvement is educational, economical, or just for the enjoyment of getting your hands dirty and growing your own food, this offers a great venue for bringing the Verona area community together.

History of Badger Prairie Community Garden

In 2013 a group of local volunteers entered into partnership with Dane County and Dane County Parks to start a community garden on 1.5 acres.  A well, electricity, underground piping supplying water close to each plot, a parking lot, a kiosk and a gate were built.  

In 2014 the 90 plots were marked off and the paths were laid out all with the help of numerous volunteers eager to start gardening.  2014 was the first garden season and a lot of lessons were learned.  Not all the plots were rented and some had flooding and water issues. There were many overgrown and abandoned plots by the end of the summer.

In 2015 the garden was more established.  The garden was able to build a shed, obtain some picnic tables and shade structures.  Most of the plots were rented and everyone made a conscious effort to keep the weeds at bay and help neighbors when needed.  

Now in 2016, the third year of gardening in the garden, all plots have been rented.  Many improvements have been planned and everyone is eager to get out there and make their mark.  

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